Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Rhea Ramprashad

She was a pleasure to work with. Always a professional.

By: Mike & Virginia Patten

Jacquelyn Rooney-Misener Keller Williams Sales Representative Our home in Whitby was listed for sale with two other agents for one full year before coming to Keller Williams and finding Jacquelyn. We learned the value of going outside the box and comfort zone to promote a unique home with valuable assets , when presented well, makes home buyers want another look. Jacquelyn presented herself and the company she represents with a professional and personal touch which gave prospective buyers a warm comfortable feeling. The suggestion of professional staging by prior brokers, that "What new home buyers are looking for" was quickly shown how cold our home looked to home buyers. No personality and character was shown as pointed out by Jacquelyn. We quickly added that home feeling back and new prospects felt the warm feeling when entering our house. When our home was listed, we had several offers presented ,due to an agent listening to what buyers wanted, and what our home had to offer. She treated everyone like family, and would look into any issue quickly and thoroughly with accurate findings. What we really enjoyed with Jacquelyn was how she promoted her listing. Not simply by advertising, but by Networking with other agents, and word of mouth through everyone she knew, never knowing where the next prospect would come from. Networking is an amazing tool, when used properly it is a powerful agent, as Jacquelyn has mastered well. Let these multiple benefits of having Jacquelyn as your agent , work for all looking to list a property, or finding your dream home. It will happen. Mike & Virginia Patten Whitby, Ontario

By: Jim & Cathy Bodnerchuk

?Great things come in small packages?. Anon ?Find though she be but little she is fierce.? Shakespeare If you?ve had the pleasure of working with Jacquelyn you know these statements apply! When our trusted realtor told us she would be leaving town in 2 weeks for a honey moon overseas just as we began our search for a home in the Durham Region, we were concerned. The Market was hot and moving quickly. She consoled that her colleague was a good friend from Kellar Williams who would take care of us the way she did. We met Jacquelyn over the phone the day our Realtor left town. An immediate calm came over us as Jacquelyn explained how she was going to work with us. We met face to face a few days later pleasantly surprised at ?the package.? She was open, straightforward, and optimistic with a healthy assertive competitive, attitude. Now that is fierce. Jacquelyn?s professional character exudes diligence, energy, integrity, organization and confidence meted with down to earth, genuine caring . She performed amazingly. She was thorough in finding the right home to fit our needs in less than a week. Every morning she made effort to alert us to the latest listings. She made sure to follow up and contact us a few times daily. Jacquelyn sent us listings of SOLD homes indicating asking prices and what they sold for in the areas of preference. This helped us gauge our offers with assurance. Jacquelyn?s passion for her work is visible in her sincerely kind yet expediently firm and respectful dealings with everyone she encountered, Buyers, Sellers, Realtors. These qualities are important to us since we are business owners who know that business is personal.Jacquelyn worked mightily and swiftly for us, Now that is Great. Thank you Jacquelyn Jim and Cathy

By: Diane Hardiman

Jacquelyn Rooney-Misener. A perfect, petite, powerful package! The energy that this woman exudes is sufficient to light up the city of Toronto! It is her vibrant energy that makes her so fun to deal with and so comforting to have on your side. Our situation was not an easy one. Jacquelyn had two Co-Owners to deal with, and we were rarely on the same page. Yet Jacquelyn managed to professionally split herself in two, making herself available to each of us, at all times. I felt safe with Jacquelyn and sheltered by her knowledge. I knew she was going to take care of us and take care of us well. This she proved a hundred percent with each page we turned. Within less than two weeks of listing our house, Jacquelyn had it SOLD! When I thought we should jump at the first offer as the Buyer was looking for the same Closing Date that I was hoping for, she stood her ground and assured us that we should still counter offer. It was accepted at a price I never thought we would receive! Everyone was happy! Jacquelyn continued to be there for us on a regular basis, calling, emailing, just checking in on final details, making sure our needs were met and our issues dealt with in a speedy manner. I will not only refer Jacquelyn anytime I know someone has a house to sell, or should be looking to buy, but I am proud to say that I have also acquired a quality friend! Thank you Jacquelyn! You made what could have been an awkward situation ? GREAT! Warmest Regards, Diane Hardiman

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!